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Our top priority at Gauthier Family Home Care is to help your loved one stay at home for as long as is safely possible. We take a team approach, working together with you, your relative and your relative’s health care providers to develop a personalized plan of care.

The staff at Gauthier Family Home Care works as a team internally. We have many different specialists available, each uniquely trained to address your loved one’s specific care needs.

Our goal at Gauthier Family Home Care is to empower each patient and their family members to work together to bring about an optimal level of health.


An initial assessment

We come to your loved one’s home and conduct an assessment of how things stand right now. We look at the strengths and weaknesses of the current situation. Then we make recommendations for care that we can provide to help your loved one become as strong, healthy and independent as possible. Typically this will involve a nurse or therapist coming to the home to teach you and your loved one new skills for coping with current medical conditions.

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In-home care

It may be that your loved one is no longer able to live safely alone. Having someone come by twice a week to cook a few meals and do some light housekeeping may be all that is needed. Or, it could be that your loved one requires more constant attention. He or she may not need the services of a nurse. But the daily presence of a kind caregiver can assure he or she is eating regularly, taking baths, and taking medications as directed. You can choose part time or full time assistance. We do the background checks and handle all the taxes and scheduling. You rest easily knowing your loved one is in good hands with caring and consistent help.

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Communicating with doctors

If you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the medical system, you are not alone! It can be daunting for anyone. We are available to answer your questions, explain the care recommended by the doctor, and help your loved one meet his or her health goals. If a problem develops over the course of treatment, we can talk to your doctor and find out what he or she recommends. This means you can be liberated from the role of medical advocate and can instead use that time and energy to provide the love and support that only a family member can give.

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Periodic check-ins

We can be your knowledgeable eyes and ears. Things can change quickly in the aging process. By checking in periodically, we can let you know whether your loved one is still able to live safely at home. As elder care professionals, we know the problems that commonly arise, and the most cost-effective solutions. Perhaps there are some mobility issues that are making life more difficult than it needs to be. There may be a simple device that could remedy the situation. Maybe your loved one is starting to have memory problems and needs help with paying the bills, or balancing the checkbook. Perhaps he or she needs a bit more oversight in terms of taking medications as directed. Through periodic check-ins, you receive peace of mind knowing the current situation remains the wisest choice.

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Assistance finding community programs

Our goal is to improve or maintain the physical health of each patient. But we also pay attention to the social and emotional health of the patient and family. Family members need support too! You can’t always do everything on your own. Sometimes that means getting outside help. Our social workers can help locate programs available for families in situations similar to yours.

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